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The use of Somatropin in bodybuilding and fitness

use of Somatropin

Growth hormone (somatotropin, growth hormone) – a hormone released by the anterior pituitary. In sports, GH got immense popularity because of its ability to provide a pronounced increase in muscle mass, to form relief while burning body fat. Recombinant growth hormone in bodybuilding is often combined with anabolic steroids to achieve the most pronounced anabolic effect. Details

Synonyms: growth hormone, growth hormone, growth hormone, growth hormone, HGH.

The positive effects of growth hormone action:

Somatropin in bodybuildingLaunches a powerful anabolic processes in the body;

– It has anti-catabolic effects, preventing the destruction of muscle mass;

– Marked reduction of body fat;

– The effect of general rejuvenation;

– Strengthens the immune system and accelerates the regeneration of tissues; It has wound-healing effect;

– Ureplyaet bones, and causes them to increase in people with no-go zones of bone growth about 26 years).

Growth hormone – one of the most effective drugs used by people with age-related changes. With age, the secretion of your own (endogenous) growth hormone has been steadily declining in the elderly it is minimal: reduced basic level of growth hormone, as well as the frequency and peaks aplituda secretion. Therefore, regularly receives an exogenous growth hormone helps stimulate the re-growth of atrophied internal organs, activates cell growth and regeneration of bone and soft tissue.

The use of GR in bodybuilding

Growth hormone is an absolute favorite among professional athletes – due to good growth of lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, as well as its ability to strengthen the connective tissue (cartilage, tendon) and bone structure. Due to the latter property GR reduces the incidence of injuries, as well as faster the healing of injured areas of the body and restoring them. Moreover, it is perhaps the only way to induce hyperplasia of muscle fibers in vorzrastnyh athletes who achieve this without the use of growth hormone is almost impossible. Read more

Use of growth hormone will provide the relief of the musculature, without the risk of side effects: GH has no effect on the potency, has no androgenic activity after use there is no need to carry out aftertreatment therapy as somatotropin not interfere with the function of the arc hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. As shown, the monthly rate of growth hormone gives the unspoken (2-4 kg), but very high quality growth of lean muscle mass; In some cases, the total weight may not change due to the loss of body fat.

Note that Somatropin is a fundamentally different mechanism of action compared to anabolic steroids. Undoubtedly, the most significant, visible and qualitative results of the athlete reaches using growth hormone in conjunction with steroids with high androgenic activity (methane, testosterone, trenbolone).

Additional Facts:

  • The secretion of growth hormone occurs interval, with several peaks during the day (peak GH occurs every 3-5 hours). The highest peak of growth hormone secretion occurs during the night, about 1 hour after falling asleep.
  • The baseline concentration of GH in plasma is 1-5 ng / ml, but during peak concentration may rise to 10-45 ng / ml.


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