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Somatropin: effects, dosage and buying

Somatropin: effects, dosage and buying

Somatropin, or growth hormone (“catfish” in Latin means “body”) – bioregulator is a polypeptide produced by the anterior pituitary gland. This material was used in sports (preferably bodybuilding) for generating the perfect relief of muscle.


SomatropinBiosynthetic growth hormone Somatropin includes preparations of protein nature, possessing species-specific. This bio-active product obtained by genetic engineering, is discharged as a dry lyophilized powder for injection, which is attached to the vial with the solvent. With anabolic properties of growth hormone stimulates the process of hematopoiesis and enhances protein synthesis. Unlike other modern anabolic steroids that are used in sport, action somatropin directed at increasing the number of muscle cells. As a result, after the abolition of the hormonal drug strength, muscle mass and volume, not only do not decrease, but still continue to progress for many months. Details


Pharmacological properties


  • has anabolic effects (increases muscle growth);
  • protects muscle from breakdown (anti-catabolic is – blocker cortisol);
  • It regulates energy expenditure, promotes accelerated healing of wounds, enhances immune strength of the body;
  • reduces body fat, strengthens bone tissue;
  • young age stimulates the synthesis of growth factors, creates optimal levels of nutrients;
  • It prevents the absorption of glucose by tissues, increasing its concentration in the blood;
  • It stimulates the re-growth of atrophied with age internal organs.

The use of growth hormone in bodybuilding


Currently, human growth hormone (its recombinant form) find their wide application in medical and in sports practice. This drug not only increases protein mass, but also promotes the development of carbohydrate-saving mechanism, switching to fat channels. Read more


Anabolic means made on the basis of growth hormone do not have androgenic activity, do not adversely affect the potency, do not violate the normal functioning of the arc “hypothalamus-pituitary-testes”, do not require post-cycle therapy.


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