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Hormone to increase human growth – somatropin

human growth – somatropin

Hormone to increase human growth – growth hormone (somatropin). Human growth can change during a person’s lifetime. The most rapid growth usually ends in 16-18 years. The further increase its growth is also possible, but not as much as up to this age. One option – the increase in the body of the two hormones. This so-called Gamon growth: growth hormone (somatropin), and somatomedin.


Hormone to increase human growthHormone to increase human growth – growth hormone (somatropin) growth hormone HGH is released by the pituitary gland, that it stimulates the body’s production of somatomedin acting on cells through which is an increase in human growth. Somatomedin produced in the liver. Every day of the human body is released less than 5% of the somatotropin contained in the pituitary. And, in fact, some of this growth hormone is destroyed without being liberated. Details


The activity of the hormone somatotropin depends on how well the human body is provided with zinc. Experts estimate a person does not receive the required amount of zinc. This means that to increase the growth of the human to be applied multivitamins containing zinc.


Contact food and growth hormone (somatropin), which affects the increase in growth.


If we talk about food, the increase in the allocation of growth hormone in the human body, and consequently growth occurs at the use of low-fat protein. For example, cottage cheese or lean meat. But the fat and sweet food on the contrary reduce and inhibit release of growth hormone, and as a result – slow growth.


Contact vitamins and growth hormone (somatropin), which affects the increase in growth.


With the combination of vitamins C and E increases the somatotropin content in the blood of 20-25%. To do this, use the 150 milligrams of vitamin C daily, and 100 milligrams of vitamin E once in two days. An increase in growth hormone (growth hormone) in the blood by 20-25% is not enough. So if there was a direct proportionality between the growth of the person and the level of growth hormone, the person 170 cm in height, would increase its growth up to 209 cm. It’s a pity that this is not always the case, and such a powerful effect does not happen, but, despite this, increase in growth clearly takes place.


In one of the experiments have shown that nicotinic acid increases the level of growth hormone in the blood of 2 times or more, due to the inhibition of fat mobilization.


Communication exercise and growth hormone (somatropin), which affects the increase in growth.

Increasing human growth occurs also from swimming and jogging. So it makes sense at least once a week, use of the pool and do jogging. In addition, there is evidence that an increase in the growth occurs from visiting bath, by a short-term increase in growth hormone, so visiting it 1-3 times a week, you will be able to further increase its growth.


Communication sleep and growth hormone (somatropin), which affects the increase in growth.


It is important to increase growth – a dream, because during sleep is produced by the largest number of growth hormone, and if you’re a little sleep and sleep do not comply, then greatly reduces the chances to grow. To make it more clear, 70% of the daily amount of growth hormone is released just in time for sleep, so this is probably the most important thing you should pay attention.Read more


The greatest amount of growth hormone released during the beginning of a deep sleep, which is why the dream should be full. Another stimulant to increase growth and growth hormone is a chiseled physical and psychological stress. A great stress is pouring cold water in the morning and evening.


Contact of food with high content of protein and growth hormone (somatropin), which affects the increase in growth.


In his diet should include more protein food because it stimulates the production of the hormone in the blood. The most valuable protein for growing – is certain amino acids, such as ornithine, L-arginine, tryptophan, leucine and leucine. Some of these amino acids can be purchased in a pharmacy or in a store of sports nutrition. The most effective dose of each of these amino acids is 0.5 grams per kilogram of your body. Details


Thus, increasing the daily dose of this hormone, you increase your height.


Besides all this, it is desirable to perform a special set of exercises designed specifically to increase growth.