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Growth Hormone – Somatropin: the pharmacological action

Growth hormone (somatropin, growth hormone, growth hormone HGH) – a drug growth hormone identical to human growth hormone. It is obtained by synthesis using recombinant technology.

Other commercial name somatotropin: Kigtropin, Neotropin, Dynatrop, Ansomon, Jintropin etc..

Somatotropin body fills amount of endogenous human growth hormone. Read more

It is a powerful stimulator:

Growth Hormone – SomatropinIt promotes the growth and differentiation of osteoblasts and chondrocyte epifiznogo.

The increase in cell growth of cartilage, the cushioning material.

The expansion of the pineal gland.

Other actions of growth hormone:

  • It accelerates the body’s reactions during the synthesis of protein.
  • Regulate the content of Rh-negative nitrogen arising after surgery or injury.
  • Corrects hypoproteinemia that occurs in cirrhosis or infection.
  • It stimulates the synthesis of macrophage, lymphocyte immune globulin and the growth of lymphoid formations.
  • It increases the body’s resistance to infection.
  • It stimulates the growth of fibroblasts, kollagenotsita macrophages at sites affected burn or after surgery, promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  • It accelerates the synthesis cardiocytes.
  • It improves the contractile function of the heart muscle, helps reduce its dependence on medical oxygen saturation.
  • It regulates the process of fat metabolism.
  • Suppresses serum cholesterol levels.
  • It reduces a density protein.
  • Regulates and normalizes the amount of growth hormone.
  • Improves osteometabolizma, kidney function and the heart (in adults).

Implementation of most of the effects of growth hormone and actions carried out by the IGF-I (IGF-I). Developing it runs every cell of the body, its largest supplier in the body are the liver cells. IGF-I to 90% or more is connected with proteins (IRFSB) weighty role among them is assigned IRFSB protein-3.

Growth hormone enhances all the processes occurring in the restructuring of the bone tissue, increasing the activity of biochemical markers of bone present in the plasma. Details