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Somatropin – whether is it able to improve athletic performance and to prolong your youth?

Write a brief overview of the international investigations, a clinical use of growth hormone induced passion for me the regular course of injections somatotrpina one of my friends – almost a professional bodibidldera. Among body builders somatotorpin touted as a means of prolonging youth, means to combat fat deposits, and means to build muscle and improve muscle relief. It is…

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Growth Hormone – Somatropin: the pharmacological action

Growth hormone (somatropin, growth hormone, growth hormone HGH) – a drug growth hormone identical to human growth hormone. It is obtained by synthesis using recombinant technology. Other commercial name somatotropin: Kigtropin, Neotropin, Dynatrop, Ansomon, Jintropin etc.. Somatotropin body fills amount of endogenous human growth hormone. Read more It is a powerful stimulator: It promotes the growth and differentiation of osteoblasts…

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